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Pre move checklist

To do list before your final move   Research, meet with & hire your moving company at least six weeks before your big day.   Fill out a change of address form with your local post office six weeks prior.  If you have children who are changing schools, have their records transferred to their new [...]
August 16, 2014 Moving tips

The moving process

How it works. Your Surveyor Will meet with you at your home to determine your needs. They will explain all the services which will take place, such as packing, moving, shipping and storage if required.. A day or two later, they will provide you with a personalised Quote. Your Relocation Coordinator Based on your requirements, [...]

Your moving duties

Before your moving crew arrives Separate All valuables Travel documents. Clothing & essentials to last until your shipment arrives. Important documents. Storage items. Items to stay. Transport with you All valuables including Jewellery, cash, stocks and bonds, important, documents, mobile phones etc. Home appliances Defrost & dry out any freezers, fridges, washers, dishwashers etc. Disconnect [...]

Moving with children

Smoothly & stress free  Communicate Inform your children about your move, keep upbeat, positive & excited, encourage discussions & questions from them. Research Your new locality, city or country with them. Discussing all of the places you will visit & activities you will do. Look at photos & videos as children love visuals. Find clubs [...]

Moving with pets

 A calm pet is a happy, furry family member. Gather pet records If you are moving a considerable distance away from your current home, secure all of your pets records from your current veterinarian. Passport & vaccinations Ensure that your pet has a current valid passport, microchip, & has received all of the necessary vaccinations [...]