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Relocation Management




Estimation of costs


In tandem with you, we work together to organise your relocation from start to finish, co-coordinating all parties involved towards a common outcome. In short we take the pain out of moving & organise absolutely everything for you!

Credo movers is the only independent company to offer the professional and successful organization of projects as a service. Years of experience with many high profile successes under our belt has placed us among the leaders in this area, nationally & internationally. This service whilst fully utilisingĀ all resources necessary during the migration process, ensures immeasurable cost savings for our clients. HT, Ericsson and Adria Media are just some of the many companies that have, & continue to use this specialised service.

SAP has long dominated the world of business applications. SAP in short makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations.

Credo movers has the ability to carry out migration and related services through the SAP S/4HANA program, a program from which you have continuous access to every element of your relocation, from a general overview to specifics like financial expenditure. The use of this program offers enormous advantages and organisational opportunities, unavailable in conventional operations. The transparent calculation of the total cost of relocation, plusĀ the possibility to completely control expenditure is invaluable.

Preparation of cost estimates in accordance with the Croatian Law of post-earthquake reconstruction. Often confusing, the harmonization of reality, with legal requirements to satisfy all the relevant parameters, is our specialty.

We are business professionals with vast experience & knowledge in this area, ensuring you successfully & transparently comply with the mandatory statutory provisions.