How it works.

Your Surveyor

  • Will meet with you at your home to determine your needs.
  • They will explain all the services which will take place, such as packing, moving, shipping and storage if required..
  • A day or two later, they will provide you with a personalised Quote.

Your Relocation Coordinator

  • Based on your requirements, they oversee the logistics of the move, whilst meeting all of your needs.
  • During transportation, the relocation coordinator will oversee the processes carried out by the freight carriers and our overseas partners, if you are moving abroad.

Your Packing Crew

  • Are responsible for packing all goods to ensure they are adequately protected for transportation.
  • Working according to your instructions to separate goods into what is to be shipped, stored or left behind.
  • Preparing a numbered inventory of all your packaged household and personal effects.

The overseas Partner

If you have moved abroad is responsible for:
  • Organising customs clearance on your behalf.
  • Scheduling delivery dates.
  • Arranging for their delivery crew to unwrap and check your goods after arrival.

If any damage has occurred to your belongings in transit we will arrange to have them repaired or replaced in accordance to your agreed level of insurance cover.

The Delivery Crew

  • Are responsible for checking goods against the packing list to ensure that all goods have arrived.
If you have chosen our unpacking service
  • Unwrapping furniture and placing it into appropriate rooms.
  • Simple furniture assembly.
  • Unpacking boxes to a flat surface for you to place as required.