Before your moving crew arrives


  • All valuables
  • Travel documents.
  • Clothing & essentials to last until your shipment arrives.
  • Important documents.
  • Storage items.
  • Items to stay.

Transport with you

  • All valuables including Jewellery, cash, stocks and bonds, important, documents, mobile phones etc.

Home appliances

  • Defrost & dry out any freezers, fridges, washers, dishwashers etc.
  • Disconnect all electrical items, cookers etc. prior to our arrival.

Garden equipment

  • Clean & empty of oil & petrol, lawn mowers and garden equipment.

Home entertainment systems

  • Remove CDs/ DVDs from players to avoid them being damaged in transit.


  • Of any flammable items e.g bleaches, paints, barbecue gas tanks etc. which cannot be shipped.

Double check

  • On completion of packing, before our team departs your home, double check that everything scheduled to have¬†been moved has been.

Custom clearance documents

  • If moving abroad you will be guided on how to complete custom clearance forms & provide extra documentation if needed.


  • Back up all computers & transport the hard drives with you.
  • Remove cartridges from Ink-jet printers.